本文摘要:Sabrina Ellis, Google director of product management, talks about the new Google Pixel phone during a product event in San Francisco, California, Oct. 4, 2016.2016年10月4日,谷歌产品管理总监塞布丽娜·埃利斯在加利福利亚州旧金山的产品发布会上向大家讲解了谷歌的Pixel系列手机。


Sabrina Ellis, Google director of product management, talks about the new Google Pixel phone during a product event in San Francisco, California, Oct. 4, 2016.2016年10月4日,谷歌产品管理总监塞布丽娜·埃利斯在加利福利亚州旧金山的产品发布会上向大家讲解了谷歌的Pixel系列手机。Google is taking another leap into the $400 billion smartphone market.谷歌再行一次投身于4000亿的智能手机市场。While the companys software, Android, runs millions of phones worldwide, Google unveiled a line of smartphones called Pixel at an event last Tuesday.全世界范围内的数百万台手机上都加装了谷歌研发的安卓系统,而在上周二的发布会上,谷歌又公布了一款全新的智能手机“Pixel”。The phone is expected to sell for $649, about the same as Apples iPhone and Samsungs Galaxy.这款手机预计售价为649美元,和苹果的iPhone以及三星的Galaxy系列售价差不多。


Pixel will come in two sizes, 12.7 centimeters and 14 centimeters, and three colors, black, silver and blue.Pixel系列将不会有12.7厘米和14厘米两种尺寸,以及黑银蓝三种颜色。In addition to a premium camera and long battery life, the company is expected to use Pixel to highlight a digital assistant software called Google Assistant.除了享有优质的摄像头和超长待机时间之外,谷歌更加想要突显的是一个取名为“Google Assistant”的数字助理软件。The software uses artificial intelligence that would create a personal Google for each and every user, according to Sundar Pichai, Googles CEO.谷歌的首席执行官桑达尔·皮查伊回应,这个软件用于人工智能,不会为每一位用户“私人订做”一个专属谷歌。


Pixel is built by HTC, but Google has reportedly been in on the design, leading to the phone by Google branding. The phones are powered by a Snapdragon 821 processor.Pixel是由HTC负责管理生产的,但据报导,该手机是由谷歌设计的,所以印上谷歌出品的商标。处理器则是由骁龙获取的821处理器。Google also said it would offer free unlimited cloud storage for all, full-resolution images and videos shot with Pixel.谷歌方面还回应,这部手机将不会获取免费无限量的云储存,借以给用户存储高分辨率的图片以及视频。


Pixel will not be Googles first move into the smartphone market. In the past, the company sold phones and tablets under the Nexus brand. The company did not heavily market the phones, which limited their popularity.Pixel并不是谷歌第一次转入智能手机市场。过去,谷歌曾销售过Nexus牌的手机和平板,但由于它并没重点促销这些手机,所以容许了它的普及。Pixel will be powered by Googles Android operating system, which powers most of the worlds smartphones.和世界上大多数的智能手机一样,Pixel将运营安卓操作系统。At the event, the company said the phones will run on a cleaner version of Android than on other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7. Google said the Pixel version would be faster.在发布会上,谷歌公司回应,这款手机将以一个比还包括三星Galaxy S7系列在内的其他手机更为洁净的安卓系统运营,Pixel系列手机的运营速度也将不会更慢。

The Bloomberg news service called Googles move into the smartphone market risky but said it likely is spurred by the companys desire to ensure distribution for its web services, and more complex offerings like virtual and augmented reality.彭博社声称,谷歌这次进占智能手机市场是很“冒险的”,但是该社也回应,谷歌是为了确保其网络服务,以及如虚拟世界和增强现实等更加多其他的服务的份额。Google has not said how much it has spent on Pixel.累计目前为止,谷歌未透漏在Pixel上投放了多少资金。